General Game Playing

Assignment 9

  1. Prepare to trounce your opponents in next week's final competition.

  2. Using the Run action on the Gamemaster home page, play and record at least 10 matches of at least 5 different games between your player and at least one other registered player.

  3. Prepare a report on the player you plan to use in the final competition. What is the overall architecture? What technique(s) does your player use at runtime? What form of metagaming, if any, does it do? Does your runtime procedure change in any substantive way based on the results of metagaming? Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of your player. On which games does it do well and on which games does it perform poorly. Why? Briefly describe the design decisions you made and why you made those decisions. Briefly describe your development and testing methodology? What would you do differently if you had more time? Try to keep your report down to one or two pages if at all possible.