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Standard Players

legal.js - Legal player

random.js - Random player

onestep.js - One Step player

twostep.js - Two Step player

minimax.js - Full Minimax player

minimaxdepth.js - Minimax player with fixed depth

minimaxid.js - Minimax player with iterative deepening

greedy.js - Greedy player

mcs.js - Monte Carlo Search player


grounder.js - Grounding subroutines

symbolizer.js - Symbolizing subroutines

pruner.js - Simplification subroutines


general.js - Subroutines for computing properties of games in general representation

ground.js - Subroutines for for computing properties of grounded games

symbol.js - Basic subroutines for computing properties of symbolized games


epilog.js - Logic Programming Interpreter

localstorage.js - Code for communication using local storage

player.js - Player set-up for NodeJS

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