General Game Playing

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On this page, you will find links to software and web services of use in the course.

Game Management Tools

Gamemanager (web page) - allows users to set up and run matches of registered games involving automated game players.

Gameplayer (web page) - allows human users to play registered games.

Gametester (web page) - same as Gameplayer except that it allows users to cut and paste their own rulesheets and stylesheets.

Game Analysis Tools

Game Checker (web page) - checks for common errors in game descriptions.

Game Stepper (web page) - allows users to step through games based on description.

Stylechecker (web page) - allows users to test Javascript stylesheets on sample states.

Game Optimization Tools

Game Cleaner (web page) - allows users to perform various optimizations on game descriptions.

Game Grounder (web page) - allows users to convert game descriptions with variables to fully grounded versions. Useful for game analysis, such as finding factors, latches, dead states, and so forth.

NB: Game Cleaner and Game Grounder are brand new and have not been fully tested. Use at your own risk. At this point, probably most useful for pedagogical purposes.

Game Playing Software

Configurable Player (download) - allows users to configure viable general game players without programming, by checking checkboxes and selecting values from dropdown lists. (Thanks to Sam Schreiber for providing and maintaining this code.)

Java Code base (Github download) - The exact same code base as the previous download, but it will be more up to date in case of changes. If you are not familiar with Git, just use the "Download ZIP" button on the right menu. Here is a Tutorial

Sancho (download) - JAR file for the former World Champion General Game Playing program. (Thanks to Steven Draper and Andrew Rose for allowing us to distribute the code for their player.)

Other General Game Playing Websites

Gamemaster (web site) - website of information about official General Game Playing competitions - games, matches, tournaments, players, and people. Includes English descriptions, rulesheets, and stylesheets for all registered games.

Tiltyard (web site) - allows users to register players for automatic round robin competition against other general game playing programs. Warning: Games on this website do not necessarily comply with the current General Game Playing standard. (web page) - General website on GGP. Contains extremely informative information on how to develop software for GGP. Warning: Games on this website do not necessarily comply with the current General Game Playing standard.

Dresden GGP Server - provides an easy way to test general game players on a wide range of games against other players. The idea is that you just register your player and leave it online. The server will automatically pit players against each other on all games that are on the server. Of course, you can also start matches manually. Warning: Games on this website do not necessarily comply with the current General Game Playing standard.

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