General Game Playing
Assignment 1

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Reading: Chapters 1 and 2 in the Notes and Appendices if needed. Do the exercises in the notes!

  1. Consider the broader implications of General Game Playing. Come up with a practical application where GGP techniques would be applicable. Hint: Consider situations in which rules of behavior can be codified formally and where those rules come from multiple sources or change frequently.

  2. Connect to Arena. Click on the Arena link in the commandbar above. Then click the Games link. Look at some of the games recorded there. Click on a two-player game, click Play the Game, and play a match with another person. The point of the exercise is to become familiar with the practice of learning and playing new games.

  3. Invent a simple (but non-trivial) game of your own. Write a GDL rulesheet for the game. Optional: Create a Javascript stylesheet for your game. Look at the games in Arena for some examples of rulesheets and stylesheets. Use the Gametester to play a match of your game. Note that you will need to paste your rulesheet and stylesheet into the Game pane of the Gametester page in order for them to be used. Then click Initialize and play away.

  4. Decide what platform you will be using to run your player, i.e. what hardware (i.e. macbook, pc, cray, etc.), what operating system (MacOS, iOS, Linux, Windows, etc.), and what programming language (e.g. Java, Javascript, Python, C++, Lisp, etc.).

  5. Come up with a game that promotes the idea of general game playing to the general public - an online game or, even better, some sort of physical game.

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