General Game Playing
Assignment 7

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Reading: Chapter 10 in the Notes

  1. Modify your game player so that it plays games using the propositional net representation of games rather than the state machine representation. (Hint: Redefine the state machine access methods in our basic player (e.g. findnexts, findterminal, etc.) in terms of propositional net access methods. This way, all of the code you have built using the state machine methods will continue to work.) Make sure it can play the same games as last week without errors, given a 60 second start clock to build the propositional net. Once your player is ready to go, click on the links below to test it out.

  2. Hunter
    Connect Four
    Checkers on a Barrel No Kings
    Nine Board Tic Tac Toe

    Your player must play correctly on these games. It does not have to be superior to the previous version at first. The naive use of propnets is sometimes slower than the naive use of the state machine representation. However, many optimizations are possible with propnets; and, once these optimizations are performed, your player can outperform your original player by orders of magnitude.

    As your player plays each of the matches above, note the number of depth charges and how this changes as the play progresses.

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