General Game Playing

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The International General Game Playing Competition (IGGPC) is the premiere competition of the General Game Playing Community. It consists of an ongoing, year-round competition, an annual championship match among the top performers in the ongoing competition, and a man-machine demonstration match.

Ongoing Competition

The ongoing portion of the IGGPC is administered via the Arena competition system. Starting in June, you will be able to click on the Arena link above to view the current state of the competition and to register a player to compete in the competition. Click here for details.

Annual Championship

The annual championship pits the four highest-ranking players from the ongoing competition against each other to decide an overall winner for the year. The next championship match will take place at the AAAI conference in New York in February of 2020.

Carbon-Silicon Demonstration

The carbon-silicon demonstration match pits the winner of the championship against one or more human players. In past years, machines have typically won these matches. However, we continue to hope that someday humans might be able to beat the machines.

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